Tue, 5 Mar 2013, 00:07

A student writes:
> Dr. Patt,
> Do we get a cheat sheet for the exam?
> <<name withheld to protect the student who does not the first week of class>>
Actually, this student was one of four who sent me email asking this 
question, so I think it is worth reinforcing it with you all.  Yes, you are
allowed to bring in three sheets of paper into the exam.  These three sheets
can be as large as you wish, the writing can be as small as you wish, but it
all must be in your own handwriting.  The point of the three sheets of paper
is to enable you to write down things that you then will not have to
memorize.  Learning/understanding is good.  Memorizing is bad!  

However, no laptop, cellphone, ipad, anything electronic.  If we see a cell 
phone in a student's hands, the exam score will be a 0.  The excuse that 
"I was only using my cell phone to make dinner reservations" in the middle 
of the exam will not be accepted.  Please also leave backpacks and books at 
the front of the room.  I would like to provide a fair environment for all 
students taking the exam.

Please also check the class web page, where you will find useful 
"Exam 1 Information." 

Good luck on the exam.

Yale Patt