Tue, 7 May 2013, 16:21

Faruk will hold an extra *large* office hour tomorrow
Wednesday, from 5pm to 8pm in RLM 6.104.  The room is 
big enough to seat everyone in the class, so you should 
feel free to come and listen to other students' questions 
and Faruk's answers to those questions.  No new material
will be taught, but you might find Faruk's answers to
your classmate's questions useful in clearing up some
questions in your own mind.

I will see you on Friday at the final exam at 7pm.  Be sure
to check the class webpage to see which room you should go
to.  The final exam will NOT be in CPE 2.208, as stated in
the UT Exam Schedule.

Good luck finishing EE 460N strongly.

Yale Patt