Lab Assignment 1 Regrade Instructions

Deadline: Sunday, February 17th at 11:59pm
  1. You are eligible to receive one half of the points you lost, i.e. your final grade will be the arithmetic mean of the original grade and the regrade score.

    Thus, if your original grade was 50, and your resubmission is perfect, you will receive an additional 25 points for a total grade of 75.

  2. You must follow the same submission instructions provided with the original Lab 1. You should submit your files using the submit-ee360n script. You can use the -results option to verify your current grade. The -test option will be available as described in Dr. Patt's email to the class.

    Note that you will have to submit both files (assembler.c and toupper.asm) for a regrade. So even if only your assembly language program is changed, you will have to resubmit your assembler also.

  3. Many people have lost points in toupper.asm. Please make sure that your toupper.asm assembles correctly with the assembler we provided. At this point you can also test the program in your Lab 2 simulator to make sure it also produces the correct results.

Please note that resubmission will not be possible for any other Lab in this class under ANY cirucmstances! You are responsible for extensively testing each of your Labs under the Unix environment to verify proper operation for all potential input cases.