EE460N: Instructions for Lab Assignment Testing For Previous Labs

Because some labs in this class are dependent on the previous lab working correctly, we allow you to run our tests on the previous lab assignment as an aid to ensure a correctly functioning starting point. Passing all the tests does not mean that your Lab is correct! An incorrect program may just happen to behave correctly on our test cases. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Labs are correct.

Despite what some of these commands may imply about late grading, note that we do not accept late assignments under any circumstances. These commands will have no effect on your lab grade, and are only available for your testing benefit. Running these commands will overwrite the grade report shown when running the -results command, but note that we still have record of your original grade report. If you wish to keep a copy of your original grade report, you may save your own copy locally before running these tests.

  1. SSH into grader1 with the following command and your ECE LRC user ID and password:

  2. After typing your username and password, submit your files with the following command:

    submit-ee360n -late <filename1> <filename2> ...
  3. You may check the files submitted with the following command:

    submit-ee360n -latels
  4. The final step in submitting your program for testing. Generate your new grade report with the following command:

    submit-ee360n -lategrade

    After you run this command read the prompt carefully to proceed with your grade report. You may terminate your SSH session if you wish. If you do not terminate your SSH session, after some time, you will receive a message displaying your full grade report for the test, final score included.

  5. You can confirm your grade reported in step 4 with the following command:

    submit-ee360n -results K

    Where K is the lab assignment number you are verifying results for.

Note 1: You will only be able to run tests for the lab immediately previous to the lab currently due. For example, if Lab 4 is currently due, you will only be able to test your Lab 3.

Note 2: currently the submit script works only on grader1.

Note 3: You may run:


(with no parameters, exactly as shown above) to display the various options submit-ee360n supports.