Wed, 24 Sept 2014, 21:16

My students,

I talked about this in class today.  On the off-chance that not everyone was
in class, I decided to repeat what I said in an email.  This is that email.

I got email from one of the students who observed many students having
detailed discussions about lab 3.  He wanted to know if he was mistaken
about NOT collaborating.  He was not mistaken.

Labs 1,2 -- I encouraged you to team up with a partner as you got your feet wet.
Labs 3,4,5,6 -- I am insisting that you are on your own.

No interaction with anyone other than me and my three TAs is permitted.
I really do want this to be completely your own work.

Any questions about whether something is permitted, please ask me or my
TAs before doing it.  "I did not know it was not permitted" is not an
acceptable excuse.

Good luck with lab 3.

Yale Patt