Mon, 13 Oct 2014, 02:16

A student writes:

 Hello Dr. Patt,

> I am currently debugging my lab assignment 3 and I was wondering what your
> thoughts on talking about the lab with other students were. Since we have
> already submitted the lab and gotten graded, it seems like it would be fine
> to talk to other students about the implementation on lab 3. I could be
> incredibly wrong, of course. What are your thoughts on it? Is it an okay
> thing to do?
> Thanks,
> << name withheld to protect the student who needs a correct lab3 to do lab4 >>

Thank you for asking.  It would seem to be okay.  However there are good
reasons why it is not ok.  I am working with my TAs to figure out what to do,
since we do want you to have a debugged lab 3 to start with when you add the
stuff needed to complete lab 4.

Please do not talk to any other student about lab 3 until I get back to you.
Of course you can still get help from my TAs or me.

Thank you.

Yale Patt