Sun, 1 Nov 2014, 7:32

A student writes:

> Hi Professor Patt,
> Is the handout on checking for correctness of bits being sent between two
> computers up on your website?
> From,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who was afraid I forgot>>

Thanks for reminding me, although I had not forgotten.  What took me so long
was my agonizing over some old notes that I generated before multiple banks
on the same chip were in vogue and the current chips that we discussed in
class where they are commonplace.  I did not want a handout that would end
up confusing you.

In any case, I wanted you to have it for the weekend, so I asked Stephen to
post it Saturday morning.

I assume you saw the handout on Virtual memory which I had Stephen post several
days ago.

Good luck on the midterm.