Mon, 8 Dec 2014, 2:20

My students,

In addition to the extended office hour this evening (Monday), the TAs will
hold office hours this week as follows:

Emily, Tuesday from noon to 3pm
Siavash, Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm
Stephen, Thursday from 3pm to 6pm

I hope this helps.

I have gotten two emails late tonight from students who are panicing because
they did not do well on lab 6.  Please do not panic.  That accomplishes
nothing useful.  Both students say they have learned a lot in the course.
They just feel frustrated that their grades are not reflecting that.
I am writing the final exam such that you should be able to do it in 2 hours,
and you are getting three hours (7pm to 10pm on Friday) to complete it.  So,
please prepare for the exam, get some good rest before the exam, and show
me what you have learned this semester so this story can have a happy ending.

Good luck on the final.

Yale Patt