Wed, 9th Sept 2015, 22:59 Next Monday

My students,

As I told you in class today, I am going to try something different next Monday,
and I want to be sure you understand what I am going to try to do.

Instead of class, I am going to have simultaneous office hours by all my TAs
from 3pm to 5pm.

If you feel you understand everything we have talked about in class, feel free
to take the day off.  No class, no new material!

If you feel additional office hours will be useful, then by all means come to class.

My 12 TAs will position themselves throughout the auditorium in strategic
locations, hopefully far enough apart from each other so that you do not get
confused by multiple voices.

You should feel free to ask questions of any of the TAs.

The TAs have been told to help you for awhile, then ask you to step aside and
think about it while they help someone else.  You can see as many TAs and each
TA as many times as you wish within the 2 hours.

We will maintain a line in front of each TA.

I will be interested in finding out if this was a good idea, so feel free to send
me email after Monday's class with your critique.

See you next Wednesday.

Yale Patt