Tues, 6th Oct 2015, 02:16 late problem sets

My students:

I thought twice about writing to you about this today since I want you to
concentrate on the exam coming up.  I decided to write because I am told
some of you are obsessing about getting a 0 on a problem set because it
was turned in late, and I want you to put it out of your mind so you can
do well on the midterm on Wednesday.

I understand that there are many good excuses for not submitting things on
time.  And there are many creative solutions as well.  But neither you nor I
have time to deal with this.  With 382 students in the class, I have to have
a rule about late problem sets or I would go crazy with problem sets submitted
at random times.  So, I have to adopt the rule.  And, it has to be a strict
rule in order to be fair to everybody.  So, problem sets must be submitted
on time or they will get no credit.

For some of you that may cost you a few points.  The reality is, and you
will have to trust me on this, grades on the problem sets are worth very
few points and practically never affect your actual final grade in the course.
At the end of the semester, I will look at your entire record in order to
determine what grade you have earned.  The grades on the midterms and final
exam and the grades on the programs you write -- all individual work -- will
be much, much, much more important to your final grade.

So, yes, work the problem sets, preferably in your study group, since it will
help you learn what you need to get from EE306.  But where you need to shine
is on the exams and programs, which is all individual work.  So, please do not
obsess about a 0 on a problem set.  That energy can be much better spent getting
ready for the midterm.


Good luck on the midterm on Wednesday.

Yale Patt