Tues, 6th Oct 2015, 15:22 Solution sheet to Problem set 3

My students,

The solution sheet to Problem set 3 will be posted to the course web page
by 5pm today.  Yes, you should look at it, BUT more importantly, you should
get a good night's sleep tonight so you will be wide awake when you take
the exam.

One last thing: I hope you do very, very well on the midterm.  However,
every time I teach the course some students do poorly because they have
not yet learned how to study properly.  That is not a reflection of their
ability.  And most of them use the first exam as a wakeup call and do
fine after that.  When that happens, I tend to count their performance
on the first midterm very little.  I hope you end up not being one of
these.  But if you do, please consider it a wake up call and not the end
of the world.

Good luck tomorrow.

Yale Patt