Thurs, 15th Oct 2015, 16:53 Re: Starting at x3000?

A student writes:

> Doctor Patt,
> I was wondering how the computer knew where to set the PC at the beginning
> of a program. Is it automatically set at x3000 or would you have to make a
> command for that. In a program using completely binary, would the first
> line be the first instruction or would it be the location that the PC
> starts at?

What do the instructions for lab 1 *specifically* tell you?

> I found something about a .orig directive, but I didn't know how
> to apply that in my program.

One of the reasons I am sending this to all of you is motivated by this
student's mention of .ORIG in case any of you discover .ORIG.  He says
he didn't know how to apply .ORIG  to his program.  The reason is that .ORIG
does not apply to a program written in 0's and 1's!  We will talk about .ORIG
on Monday when we begin programming in LC-3 Assembly Language.  The first
program is written in 0s and 1s, and the PC gets set to x3000 by you doing
exactly what the instructions tell you to do.  You see that I am not telling
you how to do that in this email.  I prefer you read the instructions that we
wrote in the lab assignment.

> Thank you.
> <<name withheld to protect the student who has not read the instructions>>

Good luck finishing the program by Sunday night.

Yale Patt