Sun, 25th Oct 2015, 15:37 Re: Question about solution methods for Problem Set 4

A student writes:

> Hello Dr. Patt,
> On Problem Set 4, is there any restriction to how we solve a problem other
> than what's on the page? What I mean is, for example, with Problem 3, can
> we input the binary values into the LC-3 simulator and see what the result
> is and use this behavior to describe what the program does?
> I saw that there was a problem later on the set that specifically asked us
> not to use the simulator, and I wanted to make sure that this didn't apply
> to the rest of the assignment.
> Thanks,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who does now want the benefit that
> comes from working the problem>>

I guess we could have said: Please do not use the Simulator because it will
enable you to perhaps get the right answer without getting the benefit of
the problem.  The purpose of problem sets is to help you really learn the
material so you can demonstrate it on the exams, and more importantly so you
can build the foundation you will need in 319K next semester and follow-on

So, while I can not stop you from using the Simulator to solve this problem,
I hope you won't cheat yourself by doing so.  There are 11 problems on the
problem set.  Since 100% on the problem set converts to 2% of your final
score, we are talking about less than two tenths of 1% of your final score.
Not really worth it.  Better to do the problem without the Simulator, figure
out how to solve this kind of problem and end up better prepared for the
midterm, final exam, and what comes after.

By the way, you might consider using the Simulator AFTER you have solved the
problem to check your solution and reinforce that you solved it correctly.

I am curious: What do the other members of your study group think about
using the Simulator to solve this problem.

Good luck getting this problem set in tomorrow, and with the rest of the
course.  See you in class tomorrow.

Yale Patt