Tues, 27th Oct 2015, 00:15 Re: Lab 2

A student writes:

> Hello Professor,
> My name is ********** and I am really confused about Lab 2. What does the
> relationship between driver license, millionaire, and professor? How does
> that going to help us identify who is a millionaires and who is not?
> Thank you,
> <name withheld to protect a student with difficulty identifying millionaires>

How do you identify millionairs?  You examine the entries in the linked list
of millionaires. Anyone in that linked list is a millionaire.  Rather than
identify them by name, we identify them by drivers license number.  The only
reason for using drivers licenses is it is easier for you to think in terms of
comparing numbers (i.e., drivers licenses) than it would be comparing ASCII
strings (i.e., people's names).

How do you identify professors? You examine the entries in the linked list
of professors.

If someone is present in both linked lists, he/she must be both a millionaire
and a professor.  So you need to remove the millionaire professor from both
lists and add him/her to the third list (i.e., the millionaire professors list).


Good luck getting this done by the deadline.

Yale Patt