Wed, 28th Oct 2015, 01:26 Re: Programming Question

A student writes:

> About the programming lab, if we do find a common node between the two
> linked lists. What should we do with the second node?

What do you think you should do with the second node?  When you are done,
how many lists should the common node be in?

> I understand that we
> should modify the pointer of one of the nodes. Does it matter which node
> that we use?
> <name withheld to protect the student who does not know which node to choose>

Suppose you use the node from the millionaire list?  Or suppose you use
the node from the professor list?  What will be the difference in the final
result?  Will that difference matter at all?  Answer: No, it will not matter
at all.  Why not?

Good luck finishing the program on time.

Yale Patt