Sat, 31st Oct 2015, 17:45 Re: EE306 Lab 2 Submission

A student writes:

> Hello Dr. Patt,
> My name is ******, and I am currently enrolled in your EE 306 class. I have
> a question regarding the submission of our Lab 2 programming assignment. I
> do not see the repository for our Lab 2 submission in the form of a folder
> labeled "Lab2". My question regarding this is, should we create our own
> folder, submit the programming assignment intersection.asm, and SVN commit
> all of this afterwards? I apologize if my question does not make much sense
> or is easily answered, I am not too experienced with software such as this.
> Thanks.

Did you see the icon in the programming assignment which will take you to the
submission instructions.  Once you got to the submission page, did you read
what it says in boldface about updating for each programming assignment?

I appreciate the fact that you are not experienced with software such as this.
I do not expect you to be.  But I do expect you to read the instructions on
the assignment page and on the submission instructions page.

If you need more help, please let me know.

Yale Patt