Mon, 2nd Nov 2015, 02:46 Re: Semester Improvement

A student writes:

> Professor Patt,
> My name is ************  and I am a student in your 306 class. Last night
> I learned the hard way why students should not wait until the last minute
> to work on their programming assignment. Because I did that, I am going to
> do very poorly on this lab... which I totally deserve. What I am trying to
> ask is, do you look at improving lab grades similarly to how you look at
> improving test grades, where the earlier labs are less important if you
> see improvement over the semester? I am just trying to get some closure
> in a moment of stress.
> Thanks!
> <<name withheld to protect the student in his moment of stress>>

The one-word answer: Yes.  I know that lab2 was challenging.  Perhaps too
challenging for some of you right now.  But the semester is not over, and
I expect to continue to challenge you and hopefully continue to watch you grow.
If you get it and demonstrate by the end of the semester that you are on
top of everything, yes, I will count the early work as much less important.
Good luck with the rest of the semester.

Yes, you can get a 0 on lab 2 and still earn an A in EE 306.  But it is going
to take work!  Good luck.

Yale Patt