Sun, 8th Nov 2015, 23:41 Collaboration with other students on lab 3

I just got the following message from a student.  I do not know how to make it
any clearer: The ONLY people you are permitted to interact with regarding the
labs are me and my TAs.

I apologize for wasting your time, but I thought it worthwhile to repeat this
in case any other student was searching for a creative exception to my rule:
the labs must be your own work; no interaction with anyone except me and my
TAs.  No exceptions.

Good luck with lab 3.  ...and with the midterm next Wednesday.

Yale Patt

> Hi Dr. Patt. I'm a student in your EE306 class and I just wanted to ask a
> question before I forget it. I was wondering about the push and pop
> subroutine for lab 3. To test our program we need to write our own push and
> pop subroutines but it may not be the same as the one that's going to be
> used to test the program.  So I was wondering if we could use other
> students push and pop subroutines to see if it works with varying
> subroutines.
> Thanks!