Mon, 9th Nov 2015, 16:49 Re: Handouts for Exam 2.

A student writes:

> Dear Dr. Patt,
> Will we be given any handouts, such as the diagrams for the state machine
> and data path as well as ASCII codes and such, to use on the exam like the
> first exam?
> Thank you,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who wants to know what'll be provided>>

I thought I already answered this, but perhaps I am mistaken, and I would
rather err on the side of saying it again, rather than have you all copy these
things on your 3 sheets of paper.  Yes, you will be given the state machine,
data path, and instruction format, just like the first exam.

Yes, you can bring in 3 sheets of paper, provided everything on them is in
your own handwriting, original copy.

Yes, you will have no backpack, laptop, cell phone, watch, etc. visible
during the exam.  Just you and the exam and the 3 sheets and a pen or pencil
to write with.

Good luck on the exam tomorrow.

Yale Patt