Sat, 14th Nov 2015, 02:07 Re: EE 306 Lab 3 input format -- What about "y="?

A student writes:

> Hi Dr. Patt,
> I have a question on the format for the input string for our lab 3
> assignment. From reading the instructions I got the impression that the
> input string does *not* include  "y=" at the beginning ("Each location will
> contain the ascii code for a single character: each character will be
> either a decimal digit, (, ), +, -, *, or ;" i.e. not a y or =, but just
> the expression), but my TA yesterday said that it *does* ("Input for your
> program is the assignment statement stored as a character string in
> memory," and according to the TA "assignment statement" means
> "y=expression"). So which is it? I just want to be sure that something
> small like that doesn't screw up my whole program.
> Thanks!
> <<name withheld to protect the student who is concerned about something small>

A few of you have asked this question, and the student is correct: it would be
a shame if "something small like that" "screws up the whole program."  So, I
am sending this email.  The TA told you the correct answer, the whole
assignment statement is in the input string, one ascii code per character.
And "y=" is part of the assignment statement.

Good luck finishing the lab on time.

Yale Patt