Sun, 15th Nov 2015, 23:07 Re: Lab3

A student writes:

> Dr. Patt,
> After I turn in the program, you will use your own POP and PUSH subroutines. In class, those subroutines manipulated the values of several registers.
> Will your subroutines store and reload the values of the registers? Or do I need to be storing and then reloading my registers before and after calling the subroutines?
> Thank you,
> <name withheld to protect the identity of the student who wants Dr. Patt to do some of the work for us>

Another student deprives me of giving him a signature block by demonstrating
his own cleverness!

I sent this to everyone to reinforce caller/callee save.  The obvious
answer to this is that if I am going to use registers in my subroutine,
then I am not going to be sloppy and screw up your program by my sloppiness.
If I use any registers in my subroutine, I will save and restore them so as
to not destroy your program.  It is just good manners!

Good luck with getting this in on time.

Yale Patt