Tues, 17th Nov 2015, 01:40 Re: Regrade

A student writes:

> Dr, Patt,
> Do we need to notify you or a TA when resubmitting program Lab 2 to be
> re-graded? I could not figure it out in time the first time, and looking
> back now I made silly mistakes. Secondly, for program lab 4, will the
> parameters of our version of Nim ever change (i.e: Row A=3 rocks, Row B=5
> rocks, and Row C=8 rocks)?
> Thank you for your time,
> <<name withheld to protect the student with two good questions>>

Good questions.  We will figure out a process for resubmitting, and let
you know.  Yes, your Nim game will not change.  Row A: 3 rocks, Row B: 5 rocks,
Row C: 8 rocks.

If you feel that this makes the Nim game too easy, we could first have you
input how many rocks you want in each row and then proceed with the game,
but if I do that, some students may want to know your identity for obvious

Good luck with both programs.

Yale Patt