Thur, 19th Nov 2015, 00:16 Re: Error in Textbook

A student writes:

 Dear Professor Patt,
 > My name is ************ and I'm in your EE 306 class. I was just working on
 > my Lab 4 program and I noticed that on page 208 of the international
 > edition the pseudo-op code .BLKW is actually misprinted as .BKLW. I don't
 > want to sound arrogant I just thought you should be informed of this
 > mistake.
 > Sincerely,
 > <<name withheld to protect the student who found an error in the textbook>>

Thank you.  You do not sound arrogant, and I appreciate you bringing it to my

I am copying it and my response to the entire class to let everyone know
how much Sanjay, my co-author, and I truly appreciate any errors that you
find that have not been posted already to the errata list on McGraw-Hill's

Thank you, again.

Yale Patt