Sun, 22nd Nov 2015, 00:16 Lab 2 regrade and test cases for all programs

A student asks about test cases ...which also reminds me that I need to
tell you what the situation is re: resubmitting lab 2 to improve your grade.

> Dr. Patt,
> I was wondering if I could get the test cases used to grade the lab as well
> as any other criteria so that I can figure out where I went wrong and learn
> from the mistakes. I understand that this may not be an option because
> others are still working on rewriting the program but if it is I would
> greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration.
> <<name withheld to protect the student who wants to figure out his mistakes>>

I can not give you the test cases because it takes a lot of work on our part
to come up with meaningful test cases, and if I give them to you, I would have
to make up a whole new set next year. ...which is not easy to do!

However, I recognize that you want some feedback on what you did wrong
on each of your labs.  To help you with that, my TAs put together a grade
report, which you will find in your lab submission directory after doing
an "update".  A report file is distributed to each of you after the grading
of every lab.  Looking at this report is a good first step in understanding
what you did wrong.  Please be sure to look at it.

Another good thing to do is to use the Simulator to check your old labs when
you have some time.  You will be surprised at how much better you understand
things today than you did a few short weeks ago.  In fact, that is the nature
of engineering.  We continue to build our knowledge base as we go along.  What
was a challenging problem a month ago is often not a challenging problem today.

SECOND ITEM: resubmission of lab 2, if you wish.  If you want to take a second
or third or fourth shot at completing it, the submission site for lab2 will
stay open until the last day of classes.  Feel free to resubmit as many times
as you wish. ...although please note that time spent resubmitting is time that
can't be spent doing something else that you need to do.  Your job to decide
how to partition your time.  We will stop lab 2 submissions Friday night,
December 4.  We will regrade your LATEST submission, and average it with the
grade you already got to determine your final grade on lab 2.  This offer is
good only for lab 2.

Meanwhile, good luck finishing lab 4 and I hope you get some rest over

I will see you in class on Monday.

Yale Patt