Wed, 25th Nov 2015, 01:47 Re: About re-running the game.

A student writes:

> Hi Sir,
> My nim game is working but to replay it you have to reopen the program (my
> program changes the stored ASCII characters, so cant be able to re-run
> unless reopened) . Will that be fine or should my program have to be able
> to replay the game by just changing the PC to x3000 and running it?
> Thank you,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who re-runs by re-opening>>

That is fine.  In fact, when we test your program, we will start your program
from scratch for every test case.

Have a great Thanksgiving break.  Please do take a couple of days off when
you don't think about school at all.  And, of course come back after the weekend
ready to charge full speed down the homestretch.

Yale Patt