Wed, 2nd Dec 2015, 00:16 Re: Concerns Lab 4 Assembling

A student writes:

> Dr. Patt,
> I am sorry to bother you at this hour, but I received a 0 for lab 4 on
> account of my program not assembling. Interestingly, however, when I copy
> my code off of the lennon website that tells me that my program doesn't
> assemble, paste it into a new lc3 edit window, and try to assemble it, it
> appears to compile through both passes. As I am sure all students did, I
> worked very hard on this program, and I am highly disappointed that I did
> so poorly. What can be done regarding this problem? Again thank you for
> your time.
> Sincerely,
> <<name withheld to protect the student whose program did not assemble>>

I thought I answered this question already, but I would rather answer it again
in case there are others who have the same problem.  There are cases when some
small inadvertent mistake causes disastrous results when we try to grade your
submission.  If you feel that this is the case with your program, please notify
Siavash, and he will check your program manually.

If you did a reasonably good job on a programming lab and some small screw-up
caused disastrous effects in the grading, I don't want you penalized unfairly.
I am trusting you to please not use this mechanism to grub for points since
(a) it will not work, and (b) it will just waste a lot of your time and ours.
On the other hand, if you legitimately feel that your grade does not reflect
what your program can do, please let Siavash know.

One more thing: you should check your lab grade soon after it is posted to see
if the above applies to you.  And, if it does, please let us know immediately.

See you in class tomorrow (Wednesday) for the last class, and good luck with
lab 5 and the final exam.

Yale Patt