Thurs, 3rd Dec 2015, 22:57 Re: Lab 5

A student writes:

> Good Evening Dr. Patt,
> At your office hours you had mentioned that Lab 5 is due Sunday, but
> the lab pdf says Friday at 5:00PM along with the redo of Lab 2 that's
> also due tomorrow. Just wanted to clarify if we have I'll Sunday to do
> Lab5 or if the deadline is still tomorrow at 5:00PM.
> Thank you!
> Best,
> <name withheld to protect the student who wants to know how much she has>>

Lab 2 redo is due Friday (tomorrow) at midnight, not 5pm.  I want you to have
as much time as you need to complete lab 5.  So if you need time beyond
tomorrow, please ask permission in person during discussion sessions and
office hours from one of the TAs.

Yale Patt