Sun, 6th Dec 2015, 00:00 Monday, 7pm in WEL 2.224

We will hold one more event, we call it "expanded office hours" in
our classroom Monday at 7pm.  Same format as before the two midterms,
where one of my TAs will answer your questions, and you are all welcome
to come and listen to all the questions and the answers.

Also, be sure to check the website for the classroom where you will take
the final exam.  The exam is Friday, 7pm, and all the rules of the midterms
apply.  No blue books required, you will answer all questions on the exam.
You can bring in three sheets of paper in your own handwriting.  Other than
that the exams are closed book.  We will hand out the data path, state machine,
and other LC-3 specific items we think you may need (as we did for the

If you have been granted special accomodation for this exam, please come to
POB 6.252 at 6:55pm, where Faruk (one of my PhD students) will administer
your exam.  Also, please send me email so I will know that you will be taking
the final exam.

Finally, good luck preparing for the final exam, and good luck on the final
exam.  It has been a pleasure working with you in EE306 this semester, and
I hope you will put forward your best effort on this last item.

Yale Patt