Wed, 16th Dec 2015, 00:41 Finally!

My students,

My TAs and I have now completed the grading and I will post both your final
exam grade and your grade in the course within the next half hour.  If you
check Canvas, you will see a numerical grade for your final grade.  The
Registrar will convert that number to its corresponding letter grade, which
you should get from the Registrar shortly.  I am told it takes a few hours
for your final letter grade to percolate through the system.  The conversion is:

4.00 ---> A
3.67 ---> A-
3.33 ---> B+
3.00 ---> B
2.67 ---> B-
2.33 ---> C+
2.00 ---> C
1.67 ---> C-
1.33 ---> D+
1.00 ---> D
0.00 ---> F
-1   ---> X (Incomplete, I need to talk to you before turning in your grade.)

Your final exam is available for you to look at in my secretary's office,
Room 6.242 during normal business hours until the end of January.  I do not
know if she will be set up to show them to you tomorrow (Wednesday), but
anytime after that should be fine.

A solution sheet for the final exam will be posted later tonight.

It is not urgent that you do so immediately.  I realize that many of you have
already left Austin for the holidays.  But please look at your exam sometime
before the end of January.  Two reasons for doing so:  (1) it is an important
learning experience.  You can see what you got wrong.  (2) it is a check to
make sure we graded your exam correctly.  We try hard, but we are human, so
we may have made an error in grading, and I do not want you penalized for any
grading error that we made.  If you look at your exam and you see an error in
grading, please bring it to my attention.  I will regrade it and change your
final grade in EE306 if appropriate.  Rather than make this email too long,
I will send a separate email as to the process for examing your final exam.

For some of you there is some unfinished business.  A few of you will get
email from me to see me as soon as possible.  I would like to meet with those
of you who get that email before you leave Austin for the break if possible.
I will be here all next week, so we should be able to arrange a time.  Earlier
is better.  If you have already left Austin, we can talk after you return.

For all of you, if you want to contact me for any reason, either via email
or in my office, please do not hesitate to do so.  I am happy to talk to you
about your grade in 306, what comes next in school, what you thought about
EE 306, or anything else you wish to talk about.  If you want to see me in
my office, it is a good idea to send me email to make sure I will be in the
office when you come by.  I am staying in Austin over the break, but may work
at home a lot since I have a lot to do over the break.

It has been a pleasure being your instructor this semester.  I know EE 306
has been a challenging course, and my absolutely outstanding TAs and I want
to thank you for your efforts to learn the material.  I hope that now that
it is over, you look back on it as a valuable experience.  I hope to see
some of you again in EE460N at some point.

Finally, please get a well-deserved rest over the next few weeks and come
back in January ready to take on the next challenge.  For most of you that
will be 319K, and I wish you good luck in it.  For some of you, the best
next step if you want to stay in ECE is to take EE306 again.  Professor
Telang will be your instructor in the Spring, and I am told she is excellent.
Good luck with it.

My very best wishes,

Yale Patt