Thur, 17th Dec 2015, 16:17 Re: Getting ahead for EE319K

I almost did not forward this message to all of you, but some of you may
have the same question, so I thought I would.  I also realize not all of
my colleagues would agree with my answer, so please know that is my
personal opinion.

In any case, a student writes:

> Dr. Patt,
> I haven't had any previous programming experience besides this class.
> Although that didn't pose much of a problem this semester, I was hoping to
> get as much exposure with C as possible before next semester, as I heard
> that's a good idea from some upperclassmen. Along with the second half of
> the book, do you have any recommendations for resources to learn the
> language and practice with (preferably free)?
> Thanks!
> <<name withheld to protect the student who is eager to not relax>>

I am working from home today so I do not have your grades in front of me.
If you did fine on the programs this semester, I would not be concerned
with moving to C.  I would give you the opposite advice: enjoy the break,
relax, recharge your batteries, enjoy home cooking, watch football bowl
games if you are a fan, go for long runs or bike rides, or do whatever
it is you like to do that re-energizes you.  I am not a fan of encouraging
you to burn yourself out over the break.  You worked hard all semester,
you will work hard next semester.  Enjoy the moment.

Happy New Year!

Yale Patt