Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

EE 306, Fall 2015
Programming Assignment 0
Due: October 16th, 11:59 pm
Yale N. Patt, Instructor
TAs: Esha Choukse, Ali Fakhrzadehgan, Steven Flolid, Nico Garofano, Sabee Grewal, William Hoenig,
        Adeesh Jain, Kamyar Mirzazad, Matthew Normyle, Stephen Pruett, Siavash Zangeneh, Zheng Zhao

You must do every programming assignment by yourself. You are permitted to get help ONLY from the TAs and the instructor.

Submitting Lab Assignments

The purpose of Lab 0 is to make sure that you have read and understand the submission instructions. If you are a Mac user, you will need to either install Windows or request access to a virtual ECE desktop. Both options are free to ECE students. The directions for this are contained within the submission instructions. If you do not understand anything in the direction or need help with any of the steps, please see a TA immediately. It is not OK to wait until the last minute and expect to receive help.

Your Job: Follow the submission instructions to download the project directory for Lab 0. This lab consists of 3 parts.

Part a: Change your password. To change your password go here. Failure to change your password will result in a zero on every lab until your password is changed. By default your username is your UTEID and your password is EE306rocks!

Part b: Checkout Lab 0 and modify PartB.txt with your answer to the following question: What should Dr. Patt be for Halloween?

Part c: Perform an "Update" in your EE306 submission folder to get the starter file named PartC.txt. Answer the question inside that file.


Save the file and commit (upload) it back to the SVN server. Verify that your file has been correctly submitted as directed on the submissions webpage.