Fri, 6 Mar 2015, 14:39

A student writes:
> Dear Professor Patt:
> I am writing to ask if each TA could post 3-hr office hours this weekend 
> as I have collected many questions regarding the old exam and lecture 
> materials. Your understanding and help would be greatly appreciated. 
> Best, 
> <>

he TAs are students themselves with their own exams to study for, so they may
not be able to each provide an additional three hours of office hours.  
However, they all will have additional ffice hours, and the initial suggested 
times  are already posted on the class web page.  Please check and let me know 
if you have any further questions.  These additional office hours may be
increased, so please check again to see if they are updated.  Also, we will 
have a review session Monday evening.  Time and place will also be posted 
on the announcements page of our class web page.

Good luck on the midterm.

Yale Patt