Thu, 26 Mar 2015, 14:13

And, since the flight to Boston has not fully boarded yet, ...

Another student writes:

> Hello proffessor Patt,
> I am working on Lab 4 and I decided to separate PSR register into 3
> register, namely "privilege register" for  PSR [15], "Priority register"for
> PSR[10:8], and "NZP register" for PSR [2:0] because I wanted to have a LD
> signal for the 3 registers separately.
> My question is:
> 1) will that be wrong way of implementing?

Not at all.  Although you only need two registers since only PSR[15] and
PSR[2:0] have been defined.

> 2) what are we using rest of the bits on PSR for?
Usually, for things like Priority, other flag information, etc., but none
of that is necessary for you to do Lab 4.

> Thank you
> <>

Good luck finishing the lab on time.

Yale Patt