Thu, 14 May 2015, 20:59

A student writes:

> Hello Professor Patt,
> In regards to your policy about notes having to have been ‘handwritten’, 
> what if we take notes in class on an ipad, and so it is technically 
> ‘handwritten’, but digitally with a stylus? Is printing pages out from 
> these notes and using them during the test permissible, or is that not 
> allowed? Thanks!
> Sincerely,
> <>

The short answer: Not allowed.  

The point of my handwritten requirement is to ensure that I do not start a
cottage industry whereby someone can generate 3 pages and sell them to others.
The rules are: they have to be in your own handwriting, not a xerox copy of
someone else's handwriting.  My allowance of three pages is strictly to allow
you personally to not have to memorize.  In your studying, if you see something
you think would be useful to memorize, my rules tell you that instead of
memorizing it, write it on one of the three sheets of paper and bring it with

Good luck on the final exam.  Show me that you deserve a higher grade than
your work so far indicates, and I will be very happy to provide it!

Yale Patt