Fri, 1 May 2015, 22:13

A student writes:

> Hello Dr. Patt,
> I know that you had warned us while graciously pushing the deadline for Lab
> 5 that we have to manage our time well for Lab6.
> However Lab6 almost requires doing everything from scratch and is not an
> extension unlike labs 4 and 5. Most of us have a lot of deadlines this
> upcoming week for projects in other courses (carrying weightages of upto
> 30% of the total).
> Would it be possible to postpone the Lab 6 deadline to Sunday May 10,
> 11:59pm instead of the current Friday May 8th, 11:59pm deadline?
> Regards,
> <>

Thank you for your email.  I do recognize that time is tight, and only assigned
a Friday deadline to accomodate university deadlines.

I do not agree that lab 6 requires doing everything from scratch.  When you
start to do lab 6, you have in your head all that you have learned from doing
labs 3,4,5 and that puts you way above "starting from scratch."  In fact,
I am told by students all the time that lab 6 is easier than labs 4 and 5.

Nonetheless, I recognize that lab 6 is still a lot of work.  It is also 
important to your education.  What I would do, if I were in the situation of
another course project is worth 30% and lab 6 is worth 5% is to make sure you
get the 30% project done on time.  If that means not getting lab 6 done by
Friday, I would still not blow it off since it is too important in the totality
of the course.  I would work on it on Saturday and if necessary Sunday, and 
submit it late to see whether you got it right.  Consider it a good thing 
to do in studying for the final exam.  We will leave the submission portal open
so you can do this.

Good luck with lab 6 and the final exam.  We are reaching the end of the
course.  Good luck finishing in an outstanding manner.

Yale Patt