Wed, 20 May 2015, 19:53

My students (or rather, my *former* students!),

I suppose the first thing to say is congratulations!  You are now my
"former" students.

The final exams have been graded, I have assigned and submitted course
grades to the Registrar and they should be available to you by now.

It was a pleasure teaching you this past semester, and I was delighted 
with the performance of most of you on the final exam.  In many cases, 
your final grade in the course reflects that.

For all of you, I encourage you to look at your final exam.  They will be
available in my secretary's office for the next two weeks if you are still
in Austin, and again during the whole month of September.  Two good reasons 
for doing so: (1) I may have made an error in grading; if so, I do not 
want you to suffer because of it.  (2) You can see what you did incorrectly 
on the exam.  That is a good learning activity.

The process of examining your final exam is the following:

1. Go to my secretary's office (Leticia, POB 6.242) any time during 
business hours.  Show her your student id card.  Sign the log, and she 
will hand you your exam.  

2. I can not let you take the exam out of her office or write on it, but 
you can look at it in her office for as long as you wish.  If you find items 
in the grading you want me to look at, tell Leticia.  She will add a 
post-it note to your exam and give it to me.  I will review the grading, 
and if I agree, I will change the grade (and course grade if necessary).  
If I do not agree, I will let you know, and discuss it with you if you wish.

I do not often make mistakes in grading, but I am not perfect, and sometimes
I do make mistakes.  If that is the case with your exam, I do not want you
to suffer because of it.  So, it is important to let me know if you think
something was misgraded.  If you are correct, and it results in a change of
your grade in the course, I will be happy to make that grade change.

3. When you are through looking at your exam, return it to her and sign out.

Have a great summer.  You certainly earned it as far as 460N is concerned.
Good luck with whatever comes next.  If you wish to talk about anything, 
feel free to drop by.  I hope to see some of you in 382N.19 in Spring, 2016.

Best regards,
Yale Patt