Mon, 9 Feb 2015, 20:29

Two things:

Thing 1: Office hours.

I am just getting back from my meeting with my Senior Design team, so I was
not here at 8pm for the start of today's office hours.  If you came by between
8pm and 8:20pm and found me not in, I am in now in case you want to come by.
If that is not convenient, let me know and we can schedule some other time.
I apologize.

Thing 2: Lab 2.

Lab 2 has been posted on the website.  I have been told many times that it is
by far the easiest of the 6 labs, so you only have this week to do it.  It is
due Sunday night, just before midnight.  It is easy, but it will take more than
zero time.  Please do not leave it for the last minute.  It will also give you
useful insights into lab 3.  Good luck getting it done this week.

I hope you are still enjoying the course.
See you on Wednesday.

Yale Patt