Wed, 7 September 2016, 00:46

A student writes:

> Hi Dr. Patt,
> I wanted to confirm the timing of the in-class midterm taking place on
> October 5. Will the exam run any later than 6:30 PM? I have two other exams
> that day, one of which is shortly after the EE 460N exam, and wanted to
> make sure there are no time conflicts between the three exams. Thank you in
> advance for your time.
> Thank you,
> <<name withheld to protect the student trying to juggle too many examss>>

Thanks for telling me.  I want you to have the time in all three courses to do
well on all the exams.  So, I am going to make the exam 80 minutes long, from
5pm to 6:20pm.  That should give you enough time to get to your next exam.

Good luck getting the first program in.

Yale Patt