Wed, 7 September 2016, 19:44

To the undergraduates in my class who have not yet undertaken the senior
design project course:

I have heard from a few groups of students taking EE460N now who have read 
my Senior Design Honors Project statement, and would like to do it, starting
this semester.

I have checked with some of my PhD students who were UT undergrads, and they
think it is not a good idea.  You will be so much more prepared after 460N
that if you are sincerely interested in the project, the time to start it
would be Spring semester.  I agree.

The project is to take an existing ISA, probably an earlier version of ARM, 
and add features to it, then do the design to incorporate those features, 
and finally measure the benefits of the added features.  EE460N will provide
a solid foundation to build on.

I am interested in knowing if there are any groups that are sufficiently
motivated that would like to take this on, starting in the Spring.  No
commitments since a lot can happen between now and January but if there are
one or two groups that think they might like to do this, I would like to hear
from you soon, if possible.

Again, I apologize for sending this to the entire class.

Yale Patt