Tue, 27 September 2016, 18:22

My students,

I am sorry to have to SPAM all of you with this, but I want to be sure none
of those who need to see this message miss it, so I am resorting to email.
I realize there are less than a half-dozen who need to see this message, and
there are almost 150 of you in the class, so I apologize for having to use
this mechanism to contact the half-dozen.  If you are not one of them, you
can delete and move on.

If you require special accomodation for testing purposes, and have been
to the appropriate office and have a letter to that effect, and have not
yet met with me, please see me right after class tomorrow in my office.

If you have already met with me, it is not necessary to meet with me again.
However, I do need to coordinate with you, so please send me email before the
weekend, so we can fix the time and place for you to take the midterm exam.

Thank you.

Yale Patt