Sat, 1 October 2016, 19:19

My students in EE460N,

To help you prepare for my exams, I ask my TAs each semester to independently
jot down keywords, topics (we call them Buzzwords) that I cover in class,
particularly extemporaneous tangents that I go on that teach what I consider
important concepts.  Some of my tangents lead to the very best exam questions!

A few days before each exam, they get together and combine their lists into
one list which we post in the Handouts Section of the course website.  The list
for Wednesday's exam is now posted.

For those of you who come to the review session tomorrow at 2pm, you can feel
free asking me about anything, including to explain a particular buzzword that
you do not understand.  ...or, if you do not come tomorrow, you can ask Siavash
at the review session on Monday.

Good luck on the exam on Wednesday.

Yale Patt