Tue, 15 November 2016, 19:05

Sorry to spam all of you on this, particularly since you should be
spending your time working the problem set and getting ready for the
2nd midterm.  However, since I have gotten several emails like this
one in the last couple of days, I thought I would respond to you all,
so you can put this aside until after the course is over.

As is usually the case, a student writes:

> Hi Dr. Patt, I am a first year graduate student majoring in
> ******* at University of Texas, Austin currently enrolled in your
> course(EE460N). I have been thoroughly enjoying your course this
> semester and regularly attending *******'s discussion section.
> I want to apply for the teaching assistant for the computer
> architecture course EE460N for spring 2017.
> <<...and then he goes on to tell me about his experiences that he
> feels are relevant to being selected to TA 460N in the Spring.>>
> I have attached my resume for your reference.
> Your student,
> <<name withheld to protect the student inquiring early>>

Thanks for the compliments and the inquiry into TAing 460N in the

As I said early in this semester, I will be looking for TAs from the
group taking 460N this semester.  Three ingredients make for a great
TA: desire to help students who are not as talented as you, ability
to explain concepts so that student can understand them, and solid
understanding of the material in the course.

I need to wait until after I grade the final exam to assess your deep
understanding of the material in the course.  So, please contact me
after you have taken the final.  I will not make my final selections
for 460N TAs for the Spring until then.

Good luck with the rest of the course, and I hope to hear from you
again in December.

Yale Patt