Sun, 4 December 2016, 21:19

My students,

Just making sure we are all on the same page:


Monday will be the last class.  I am agonizing over the fact that I have not
at least exposed you to a couple of concepts I think you should be aware of,
and I am mindful that apparently students enjoy the free for all that is
usually the activity of every class I have taught for the past 50 years.

So I have decided to spend the first few minutes Monday mentioning very
quickly a few concepts, much too fast to expect you to digest them, so I will
prepare a handout which will be on the website.  And, you are all free to ask
me about the concepts in my office or via email.  Howevdr, nothing I talk about
on Monday will be on the final exam.


Tuesday I will conduct extra office hours, starting at 7pm.  We will
hold the office hours in a classroom, so everyone is welcome to come and hear
the questions asked by your classmates and my answers.  I am not sure yet where
this will take place, but I should know by class time on Monday.  My hope is we
can use our normal classroom, but I have not confirmed that as yet.


Friday is the final exam.  The exam will be in two rooms.  We have been able
to get two good rooms in the Pharmacy School.  Check the website tomorrow to
find out which room you should go to.  Students requiring special
accomodation should check with me by Wednesday at the latest to be sure we
know who will require special accomodation and we can make arrangements to
accomodate you.

Finally, good luck finishing the last programming lab and doing great on the
final exam.

Yale Patt