Mon, 12 December 2016, 02:31

I am told I will have two Graduate student TAs (20 hours/week, each) and two
undergraduate student TAs (one 20 hours/week, one 10 hours/week) to help me
teach 460N in the spring.

I have received several emails from students in the course wishing to be my
TA in the Spring.

I have filled the Head TA position.  I still have three remaining positions
to fill, and hope to fill them with students who took 460N this past semester.
If any of you are interested, I would like to meet with you sometime over the
next couple of weeks if you are still on campus.

I plan to be in the office every day this coming week.  Late afternoon or
early evening are the best times to catch me in the office.  It is often a
good idea to send me email first to be sure I am in the office.  I do not
want to make appointments.  I prefer talking to you if I am free when you
drop by.

Please bring a hard copy of your resume with you, whether or not you emailed
one to me.

Yale Patt