Wed, 30 Aug 2017, 23:23 Welcome to EE306

My students in EE306,

Welcome to EE306!  My TAs and I are looking forward to an outstanding
semester, and hoping to help you build a strong foundation in computing
that will carry you forward to the rest of your courses and beyond.

I had hoped to get through all the administrative stuff in class today,
but there was not enough time.  So I will spend the first part of next
Wednesday's class going over it.  Meanwhile there are a few items I want
you to be aware of right now.

Please go to the discussion section you are assigned to this week if at
all possible.  If not possible, please make sure you go to one of the other
discussion sessions.  I have handpicked the six TAs that I am working with.
All seven of us are committed to helping you learn.  You should feel free
to get help from any/all of us at any time.

My TAs will hold office hours in addition to the discussion sessions,
starting on September 11.  Their hours will always be posted on the
class website.

There are two religious holidays coming up that will affect some of you.
One holiday is this Friday.  Students wishing to observe the holiday on
Sept 1 should attend one of the discussion sessions on Thursday, so they
will be free to observe the holiday on Sept 1.

Other students will not be able to attend discussion sessions on Sept 21,22
because they are observing a religious holiday.  For them, we will have
an extra one-time-only discussion session on Sept 24.

One ulterior motive of this email is to be sure you are getting my email.
I will send you email throughout the semester and want to be sure you are
getting it.  In discussion sections this week my TAs will ask you if you
received this message, so we can update my email list where necessary.

There is a lot more to talk about, and we will do so next Wednesday.
In the meantime, I want to wish you good luck in EE306.  It is going to be
a lot of work.  But if you stay with me, I know you are going to be pleased
with all you have learned when the semester is over in December.

Yale Patt