Wed, 6 Sept 2017, 18:47 some comments on today's lecture

My students,

Just a short note regarding today's lecture.

First, the obvious thing: I said I will see you on Wednesday.  Of course
I meant next Monday.  Today is Wednesday!  For those who are interested,
my problem was that it was the first lecture this week so in my head it
must be Monday.  Bad!

Second, you should know that I tried (unsuccessfully) to cover too much
stuff in class today.  So, I am going to go over 2-complement integers,
addition, and some important items associated with addition (that I did
not get to today) on Monday.  The important message for you is that if
things went too fast today, please do not panic.  I plan to go over things
again next week.  I have also asked my TAs to show you in discussion session
how to convert 2's complement numbers to decimal and decimal numbers to
2's complement.

Office hours will start next week. The times are posted on the course website.
Unfortunately, with all the construction, the locations have not yet been
identified.  As soon as we know, we will post them on the course website.

Also, the two extra sessions on Tuesday afternoon and evening will start
next week for those who feel they need it.  The locations will be posted on
the course website as soon as we know it.

Sorry for all the confusions.  I will see you on Monday.

Yale Patt