Tues, 12 Sept 2017, 15:31 Remedial sessions, office hours, etc.

My students,

We are still struggling with rooms since the EER building is not yet

For the extra sessions for those who need more individual attention in a
small group setting (remedial sessions) and also for regular office hours,
the class website will always have the latest information we have, so please
be sure to check it regularly.  You will see next to each major bullet on the
home page, the date that the last posting was made to that item.  If you have
not checked the website since that date, you should check to see what we

Today's remedial sessions are in CMA 3.134.  It is a little late for the
afternoon session.  The evening session is at 7pm.   As I said, as these
rooms assignments change, we will post them.

Also, TA office hours start this week, right now in EER 0.706, but this is
also likely to change.  ...and we will let you know via the web site if/when
that happens.

Finally, there will be an extra TA discussion session on Sept 24 for those
who are not able to meet on Sept 21,22 due to religious holiday.  The room
will be posted when we have it.

Sorry for this extra nuisance.  Hopefully, the EER building will be finished
soon, and we can get past these distractions.

See you in class tomorrow.

Yale Patt