Mon, 18th Sept 2017, 18:54 Re: Student Info Sheet Picture

A student writes:

> Here is a picture of me, I apologize for forgetting to print this picture out
> and attaching it to my student info sheet.
> From,
> <<name withheld to protect the student who thinks he is still in high school>>

I decided to share this with you all in order to reinforce the notion that
you are in college now and need to assume the responsibilities that goes with
being in college.

If even 20% of you took this route, that is 40 photos that I (or my TAs)
would have to print and then tape to the corresponding information sheets,
instead of each of you doing just one.  I apologize to most of you for
spamming you all, but I don't know yet which small number of you need
this email.

By the way, not all of you turned in the information sheet today.  Wednesday,
please, with a large-enough, recognizable photo that looks like you attached
to the front of the form.

I guess the simplest solution for the student who sent me this email is to
simply fill out the form again, this time remembering to attach the photo,
and bringing it to class on Wednesday.

I hope the semester is going well for you.  Good luck with the rest of the

Yale Patt