one more time!!! Problem 5b

It seems like I can not walk from one point to another on the campus without
one of my 306 students stopping me with another creative mechanism to add to
the statement of Problem 5B.  I do admire the creativity to try to get around
the difficulty of the problem, but the challenge is to solve the problem
(which I admit is very tricky and only there to provide a challenge for those
who like challenges) as stated.

Let me try one more time to make it clear.

1. Draw a box.
2. Label two inputs to the box A and B.
3. Label the output of the box F

You have two 2-to-1 muxes to use as you see fit.  Each mux has four
terminals: three inputs (source 1, source 2, select line) and one output
(the output of the mux).

Your job: Put the two muxes in the box and make whatever connections you need
to so that the output F = A XOR B.  Connections are to inputs A,B, to the
output F, and to the four terminals of each of the muxes.

You are not allowed to add NOT gates, you are not allowed to add additional
input 0's or input 1's.  You are not allowed to anything other than wires
to make the connections you need inside the box.

To stop the obsessing about 5B, we will not deduct any points from your
problem set if you do not solve problem 5B.

Have fun!

Yale Patt