Wed, 4th Oct 2017, 19:44 change in due dates

My students,

I have decided to change two due dates to give you a little more time to
submit your first programming assignment.

I am moving the deadline to next Tuesday, Oct 10, at 11:59pm.  That will
give you an extra two days.  There will also be six additional office hours
on the weekend that you can avail yourself of.

In order for that to make sense, I am also moving the next problem set, which
will contain everything you need to study for the first midterm to Monday,
Oct 16, at 3:30pm.

I hope you find the extensions helpful, and provide some extra time to
enable you to do your best work.

Good luck learning how to use the Simulator in discussion section so you will
be able to test your first program thoroughly before submitting it.

A program that has not been thoroughly tested could be a heavy embarrassment
to the programmer.  The Simulator should help make sure that embarrassment
does not hapen.

See you in class on Monday.

Yale Patt